Pattern Downloads Explained

All Patterns on this site are in a PDF format for ease of access and at-home printability.

Most patterns will have two file download options presented to Members…

“Black and White”

Or “Color”

Black and white format is intended for ease of printing on black and white printers or for those who prefer the traditional symbols-only form of cross stitch pattern.

Color Format is intended for color printers and can give you a more intuitive view of where you are and what you’re working on in the pattern.

Overall… Printing is NOT REQUIRED.

You can also “keep it green” my accessing the patterns on your Computer/Phone/Tablet only. As a member, you get constant access to all designs so you don’t need to worry about printing the patterns or saving them permanently.

To download the patterns, just click the “Download” button next to the file and follow the instructions on your device.

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