This Week’s Thread – 2/15/21

Here I’m hoping to stick to a posting schedule each week where I’ll ramble a bit about the current and upcoming projects I’m doing for Odd Thread Designs.

Current Projects

My current projects are probably too numerous given that I’m trying to limit the number of “active” projects I have to only 1-2 so that I’ll actually complete them. As you’ll see, there are more than that…


This is something I probably should have finished BEFORE the SAL started… especially given the few errors I’ve found in the pattern as I go along, but apparently I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t wildly jump into projects without thinking things through 110%

OTD Bargello SAL

Learning from the error of launching the free SAL without stitching it all first, I’m trying to get the Bargello SAL at least mostly done before launching it.

By stitching it at the same time as the free SAL.

Because somewhere, somehow, that made sense.

Nevertheless, progress is being made on both cross stitch projects.

Quilt for Child #2

I’ve been working on this blanket (and getting distracted) for an awfully long time. It was meant to be a 3rd birthday present. Then a 4th birthday present. Then a Christmas present. Now just a “when it’s done” present.

As my only girl, (and the only girl granddaughter on my side of the family) she’s been showered in girly handmade blanket gifts over the years from the grandmothers, which frankly rendered my efforts to make her a quilt moot. I mean, when she’s got nearly as many blankets as my 3 boys combined, this kid is not suffering the lack of a quilt from mom.

It is my second foray into quilt-as-you-go and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not a fan of the technique. I’m sure I could finish it in a day,, maybe even just a few hours, but the incentive/drive just isn’t there.

Huck Embroidered Blanket/Bed Runner

This project is arguably the origin/catalyst of Odd Thread Designs. I started stitching it thinking I could sell it and help bring some income for my family, but the reality was that I’d not likely sell a big $$$ item on Etsy with a storefront that has never sold anything and has been abandoned/ignored since 2017. And I felt it would be ridiculous to go to a craft fair with only one item. So when I realized that I could make cross stitch patterns to sell, the lightbulb lit up and I hit the ground running.

In fact, I could probably write a whole blog post about this project and the Odd Thread Designs origin story… maybe I should. Nevertheless, like the Quilt for child #2, this project has been left on standby for a while now.

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?!

Queen-Size Quilt

I decided I’m going to “go big or go home” with making my first quilt for my husband and myself. I’ve made quilts for all four of my children. They were almost all small (baby blankets or twin bed size), very simple and all of those quilts used only square piecework.

So on technical grounds my quilting experience is the sum total of… maybe 6 or 7 small and simple blankets (yes, some kids have received more than one quilt over the years).

So, of course, this catches my eye:

(No, I’m not affiliated with Quiltworx. I’m just an average Jane lookin’ around for a fun project and I wanted to share.)

I was torn between this pattern and the one they call “Swordfish”, but to have some mercy on myself, this one ultimately seemed more reasonable for someone like me who has never tried to quilt curves… or even just triangles… but is wildly overambitious.

So, the pattern is on the way. Nervous anticipation is high.

Fabric selection will happen after I get a better idea of what I’m looking at (and whenever I can secure babysitting for at least some of my brood since trying to pick fabric with a screaming baby, hyperactive toddler, and two older children inevitably complaining about being bored, tired, hungry, or whining when I don’t buy them everything that catches their eye in the store… it’s just difficult. If I can avoid that headache I will.

I’ll start this project as soon as I finish the stitching for my SALs. Thanks to my husband’s significantly more calm and rational perspective, I can only do so much in a day and the SALs that I’ve already committed to need to take priority.

Plush Fox

I’ve sewn all of my kids matching plush foxes… except for my youngest. (I like foxes – maybe it wasn’t super obvious, but now you know!)

Plush foxes made with the Stitched by Crystal pattern.

Now that baby #4 is turning 1 year old in a couple months, I figure I’ve got to get the ball rolling on this project ASAP so I can give it to him for his first birthday. I’ve got all the materials so there’s no excuse there. Technically had all the materials before he was born… Just have to find the pattern again and sit down to work on it!


So I guess 6 projects isn’t too bad (I was imagining worse), although they are all fairly large aside from the fox.

Let’s see if this regular blogging requirement will light the fire needed to get these projects rolling through to completion rather than being stuck partially complete for months (or years).

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