This Week’s Thread – 2/22/21

This past week went well!

Finished Projects

I have a feeling this is going to be a category that will be hard to add to every week, but I’m happy that I’m able to this week!

Quilt for Child #2

I did it! I FINALLY finished this project that’s been hanging around for ages! I’m so glad to have that project checked off my list. She was so happy to have it that she immediately ran off and made her bed with it.

Current Projects

Because my ambition is absolutely going to be the end of me.

I really need to get a banner to hang over my computer that reminds me: “You can do ANYTHING you want, but you cannot do EVERYTHING you want!”

Maybe I should make a cross stitch of that…

(Overwhelmed side of me: *screams* “NOOOO!!!!”)

OK! Back to business.

New Quilting Program!

I stumbled across a program that would allow me to design my own quilt patterns and got so excited I jumped on the investment immediately. I figured, if nothing else, I’ll be able to make patterns for myself, but my hope is to get to the point where I’ll be able to add them to the products offered by Odd Thread Designs. The catch is that there is most definitely a learning curve.

So somehow between all my other craft projects, updating my website and drawing new patterns for my monthly membership releases, looking after my 4 kids, guiding homeschool lessons, keeping the littlest ones entertained, and keeping the house in order as much as possible… I’m trying to figure out this program and make the patterns I’ve imagined, which the below image… is not what I had in mind.

Call me impatient, but the time it is taking me to learn this program is rather frustrating. The quilt design is certainly not bad, but its more basic than I’d like (see below in upcoming projects for the overambitious example of more like what I’m aiming for)

I look forward to making the announcement that quilt patterns are now a part of Odd Thread Designs, but that day is definitely (and sadly) not today.


Not much progress has been made on this sadly. I’m finding the project very pretty to look at as I get closer to finishing. Part 7 is the last full page of stitching, so I’m very excited to see the progress speed up in the near future.

OTD Bargello SAL

It’s not much to look at yet, but the outlines for the Bargello SAL are completed! Can’t put it in the “Finished” category though, since all those squares need to be filled in. My aim is to finish “Part 7” of the Free SAL first, then I’ll resume stitching on the Bargello project.

Huck Embroidered Blanket/Bed Runner

This project is still in hibernation and might just have to remain so for the foreseeable future. Sadly, with everything else on my plate, this project will have to wait. Future posts will not Include this project until I pull it back out of hibernation.

Plush Fox

I’ve started working on my littlest’s fox!

Plush foxes made with the Stitched by Crystal pattern.

I would have finished it this last week, but I keep forgetting to grab stuffing when I go shopping (all the joys of “get your shopping done as fast as you can!!”), and as often as I can get out of the house at all lately… It might be a while before it’s done. On the plus side, I’ve still got a couple months! Or… actually… only a little over one month. I can keep track of time! Really, I can!

I also attempted to machine embroider (satin stitch) the eyes onto the fox.

Black on black! Super easy to see! NOT. (Sorry that its hard to make out the stitching

Didn’t work out as nicely as I had hoped. The eyes and nose are a little wonky instead of perfectly round, but for a first try I guess it’s not terrible.

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?!

Queen-Size Quilt

(No, I’m not affiliated with Quiltworx. I’m just an average Jane lookin’ around for a fun project and I wanted to share.)

The pattern is stuck in the mail… still waiting to just see it…


So I got more done than honestly I expected to, but at the same time less than I wanted to. I had hoped to make significantly more progress on the Free SAL, but that didn’t happen this past week.

Nevertheless, here’s to a better next week!

Thanks for reading!

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