This Week’s Thread – 3/1/21

Thought I hit “publish” when I finished this this morning… a little late, but still ok.

Finished Projects

Fox for #4

I remembered to get fluff! (Yes, I know its technically poly-fil, but fluff is much more fun to say)

I hand stitched the body/limbs together, since the sewing machine just doesn’t handle the pre-stuffed limbs well at all, and aside from the legs being too close together, I think it turned out nicely.

Current Projects

New Quilting Program!

I’ve made some progress practicing with this program, but ran into an annoying hang-up. In order to make useable patterns for others to use, I’ve got to also learn, not one, but TWO additional programs!

If I didn’t want to add quilt patterns to Odd Thread Designs so badly, I’d probably have demanded a refund for the quilting program, given it does not actually do what I wanted it to, but since I’m determined to try to expand into this area I’ll carry on and try to be patient with this learning process.


I keep thinking I’ve made no progress on this, but then I look at my previous image and realize that, actually, I did get a fair amount of stitching done. It’s just a very gradual process when I’m lucky to get an hour or two to work on it each night. Nevertheless, my goal is to have this part finished by the next Weekly Thread.

OTD Bargello SAL

I’ve not had a chance to work on this this week. My goal was to get part 7 of the Free SAL completed first, but I may end up reconsidering that goal. We’ll see.

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?!

It seems like I’ll be adding to this section as often as I add to the “finished project” section…

Springtime Masks

Because, sadly, an unmasked face is still viewed more or less equivalent to “indecent exposure” here… Actually I suspect I’d more easily be able to walk around topless than maskless.

I found a couple cute fabrics during my last grocery run and had to pick them up with no plan other “I guess I could make new masks for me and the kids with it?” (I spare my husband the indignity of having to wear little cartoon critters and fruits on his face.) So, yeah, masks are my current excuse for picking up random fabrics.

I’ll work on these at some point soon… probably. Needless to say, I’m not actually eager to make more masks at the moment.

I’d better leave it at that before I go on a frustration-fueled tirade.

Queen-Size Quilt

Quiltworx’s Kentucky Spirits (No, I’m not affiliated with Quiltworx. I’m just an average Jane lookin’ around for a fun project and I wanted to share.)

The pattern finally arrived!!! After just over 2 weeks (which, I realize, lately is actually not terrible) my pattern is here and… Oh my gosh what have I gotten myself into?!

The instruction booklet that came with the patterns is 26 pages long and I only managed to read to page 10 before my brain melted last night.


What can I say? I’m glad I got the foxy done, so that’s no longer looming over my head with little time left until my littlest one’s first birthday.

Not sure if I should include all the projects I’m doing around the house in these posts as well. They aren’t all entirely “thread” or sewing related though, so probably not? I figure I should try to stay on topic for these blog posts. Then again, this is my blog so my rules… Eh, I’ll have to think about it.

Thanks for reading!

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