This Week’s Thread – 3/16/21

Yes, I’m a day late. (Edit: Or at least I would have been only a day late if I had remembered to hit “post” when I finished writing!)

This past week started and ended with a bang… between daylight savings, various urgent medical appointments, and a child that just… Will. Not. Sleep…. Keeping up with the website/business/projects has been a major struggle.

Finished Projects


Current Projects


It is embarrassing how slow I’m going at this. I really, really, truly intended to finish this part this past week, but life got in the way… again…

OTD Bargello SAL

(Here be the crickets.)

I was so excited to get the outlines done for this and its been honestly discouraging to have to prioritize other projects and then make no progress on the projects that are first in line.

Queen-Size Quilt

Quiltworx’s Kentucky Spirits (No, I’m not affiliated with Quiltworx. I’m just an average Jane lookin’ around for a fun project and I wanted to share.)

I did manage to get fabric for this, thanks to my in-laws watching the majority of my brood! Although it didn’t help how anxious I got trying to pick fabrics. I thought I was prepared, but as soon as I stepped into the fabric store… no. I was NOT prepared.

My vague plan of “I want blues, greens, browns, and a good color pop somewhere tossed in!” was woefully inadequate in the face of near-infinite options and very specific fabric amounts required for the pattern. Not to mention the time crunch of the babysitting being very spontaneous, in the middle of lunch, and (while my husband came along to help) the ticking time bomb of my youngest child who more resembles a screaming banshee much of the time… the pressure was intense.

I needed 15 colors, but each color needed a different amount of fabric and so I needed to figure out where everything went in advance and commit to that because, with no shopping carts, there was no way I could get all the colors lined up before deciding the cuts. So I’d pick out 5, go to the cut table, pick another 4, get those cut, etc.

I got everything picked out and cut and out the door in roughly 1 hour.

I’d be lying if I proclaimed any confidence in how everything will go together.

I’m really not sure how it will work out, but we’ll find out in time.

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?! I’m busier than I like to admit and getting overwhelmed isn’t just a risk, it has 1000% happened.

Hibernating Projects

Springtime Masks

New Quilting Program

Nothing to say here. The project overwhelm is hitting hard now.


I have a terrible habit of biting off more than I can chew.

Anyways… Thanks for reading!

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