Weekly Thread – 3/29/21

Do excuse the clutter. Yes, my “sewing room” is also the storage/overflow room and my sewing table is an ironing board. Hey, we make do with what we’ve got.

The last “thread” of March and I’m super proud of what I got done this week!

Finished Projects

Technically, nope. Finished “parts” but a whole project? Hahahahaha…

Yeah… not yet…

Current Projects


This project is in temporary hibernation. Bargello calls me.

OTD Bargello SAL

I’ve finished this square (mostly)! I don’t have a “finish” picture yet because I…

1) ran out of floss for the final color and have roughly a penny-sized area that is still empty. (Kit buyers fear not – I allotted more floss for the kits than I reserved for myself!)

2) got so excited about moving onto the next part that I moved my hoop over before taking a picture, so… yeah. This part now has a hoop running through the middle so that’s not photogenic AND rehooping is a pain in the bum so… y’all will see the 100% finished portion soon-ish!

Does the finished square look too bland/simple? Maybe to some, but I don’t really think so. With this pattern in combination with all the others I think (hope) it will make a very nice overall design. Some busy patterns blended with some quieter patterns like this one.

Want to know more about the upcoming SAL? Click Here to check it out!

Queen-Size Quilt

I’m addicted! First time foundation piecing and it’s so much easier than I expected. Admittedly, I got a little over-confident (sloppy) near the end of this part, but it looks like it’ll still work out… I think. Won’t know for sure until it all comes together and takes its first spin through the wash, but I’m reasonably confident it should be fine.

Should be.

I did have an “oops” on the diamond section. as seen in the featured image at the top of the page, I sewed one of the purple diamond strips on upside down… and then to fix it I started ripping the wrong seam and almost completely removed the purple diamond, but it’s fixed now!

Not sure how I’ll take future pictures of this project… it’s already covering most of my bed and I don’t really have any better place to lay it out for display.

Something I’ll need to think about.

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?!

I’ve semi-banned myself from new projects. We’ll see how long that lasts (1 full week and counting… place your bets folks! lol).


Not entirely sure what I should “conclude” from this little ramble.

I do need to stitch more on my original SAL, since I’m still excited to see that done, plus there are only partial pages left at this point so it should be easier now.

The quilt is going well, in spite of it technically being a lower priority than the SALs, but variety is the spice of life. Or however that saying goes.

Haven’t bought a loom yet. Still very tempted, but not yet. They’re a little pricy to just pick up on a whim and I know, with my tendency to bounce from project to project, I’ll probably just weave a few things then run to another project.

I’ve actually been thinking investing an embroidery machine makes more sense for Odd Thread Designs and hence it has been (semi-secretly) on my radar since… maybe October of last year. Unfortunately, while a loom feels pricy, an embroidery machine is… yikes!

It could be a good investment, in theory, as I’ve seen many women have built successful embroidery businesses out of their homes and, given that it uses thread, it will blend in fairly seamlessly with Odd Thread Designs. But, I’m not really interested in the “popular” areas like monograms or cutesy kid shirts, so I imagine it would be harder to succeed with a less “mainstream” embroidered product. (Says the person trying to build a small business around cross stitch and sewing, why on earth would I worry about being mainstream??? *Shrug*)

So… the embroidery machine cat is out of the bag now, sort of, but it’s not yet a reality. Just contemplating the possibilities out loud.

Anyways… Thanks for reading!

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