Weekly Thread – 4/5/21

Another productive week!

(Yes, I’m wishing I had picked a bigger piece of Aida, but I had this scrap and figured “it’ll fit!” and ran with it.)

Finished Projects

Should “parts” count as finishes? I’ve been debating on including “parts” in the finish section, but maybe I’ll still just keep it in “current projects” since that makes sense to me.

Either way, still no actual finishes.

Going to be super triumphant when I finally get to put another project in this section!

Just keep stitching… just keep stitching…

Current Projects


This project is in temporary hibernation.

OTD Bargello SAL

Part 2 Done!! I’m super happy that each part seems to be totally doable within a week (even for a super busy mom of 4) and the pattern is so entertaining!

This part was super fun to stitch and it’s so exciting moving onto the next part! (I’ve technically already started on part 3)

Want to know more about the upcoming SAL? Click Here to check it out!

Queen-Size Quilt

So…. I can already tell progress is going to slow, as is the nature of working on a project from the center-out. Sixteen of these semi-rounds done! Just sixteen more (smaller) semi-rounds to go and then stitch all the sections together… I’m not overwhelmed!! (maybe only a little bit…)

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?!

I’ve semi-banned myself from new sewing projects.

Two full weeks and counting… will I make it to double digits?! Hmm…. that may be a little too ambitious to think I can make it that far with only my second week no-new-project completed.


These posts seem to be a bit on the short side lately… to be fair, there’s not a whole lot to say about the current projects when I’m updating every week. In some regards, it almost makes it seem like I haven’t actually done as much as I thought when I sit down and write a couple lines about a project and go from “woohoo! Look how much I did!” to “oh… guess maybe that wasn’t so much…”

In reality, I’m sure other folks who make things by hand will understand the lengthy process that is making projects by hand, but to new prospective crafters? I’d hope these threads aren’t discouraging…

Don’t worry newbies! It is all worth it in the end! Yes, it takes a long time, but as I put in an older post Why Handmade = Home? there’s actually a significant benefit to taking a long time to craft things.

As always… Thanks for reading!

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