Weekly Thread – 4/13/21

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Another productive week!

Actually no…

This last week was pretty much wiped out by the covid shot #2. That second one definitely is no joke.

But I survived! (So far)

Finished Projects

Just keep stitching… just keep stitching…

Current Projects


This project is in temporary hibernation.

OTD Bargello SAL

Part 3… only 2 days worth of stitching. Worked on it Monday and Tuesday, got my shot Wednesday and the rest of the week was wiped out.

Want to know more about the upcoming SAL? Click Here to check it out!

Queen-Size Quilt

I did nothing for this this week…..

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?!

I’ve semi-banned myself from new sewing projects.


But we all knew that wouldn’t last!

State Fair Competition Quilt

Challenge Fabric

So, my “local” quilting guild (local being 1.5 hour drive one-way) is doing a quilt competition for the state fair using a “challenge fabric” and I couldn’t resist!

The whole design has to be totally unique and all done by the participant which means no patterns from books or any other outside sources (of course) so I’m glad I got my quilting software… kinda.

On a tangent, I’m starting to feel like the quilting software was a waste of money at this point. It doesn’t do what I wanted/expected it to, it’s not the most user-friendly, and I find almost every time I start it up I just end up annoyed, but I’m going to make the most of it and this competition is the perfect opportunity to do so!

Anyways, the challenge fabric is… well… lets be honest, it’s kind of hideous. Maybe that’s the point. I mean, if it were amazing and beautiful and perfect all by itself it wouldn’t be a challenge to feature it in a quilt, right?

I’ve got a design that I liked, but when I add my chosen fabrics to the quilting program…

It looks horrible!!

(At least when its blown up huge on my computer screen it’s horrible… the little image I put here isn’t THAT bad I guess… as I stare at it a little longer while debating if this image should ever be shared in the light of day.)

Granted, maybe it is just my photography skills (or lack thereof) making all the fabric look awful, but what I imagined and what the computer gave me are so different I don’t know how to proceed, if at all.

Not to mention I don’t know how on earth I’m going to translate this design to a quilt. The piecework required to make this is baffling. The only way I can think of is through a mix of English paper piecing and applique…

I’ve never done EPP before.

I’ve never done applique before.

Logic says, this is not a good idea for a contest entry.

Ambition says, this is a perfect opportunity for growth!

However, I’ve only got one fat quarter of the challenge fabric and if I go ahead with an iffy design… I may not even have an entry.

I’m not expecting to win this contest by any means, I’m up against quilters with more quilting experience than I have life experience, but I also don’t want to embarrass myself either.

What to do… What to do…. Hmmm….


I hope to get more crafting done this week, although the week might also be taken up by trying to get my home back in order. Especially after the kids decided to play in the laundry this morning… by dragging all the dirty laundry baskets out of the garage and mixing it with the clean laundry in the living room.

Kid: “I was looking for socks!”
Mom: “Did you look in your drawers?”
Kid: “…….oh…”
Mom: *Facepalm*

As always… Thanks for reading!

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