Weekly Thread – 4/19/21

An actually productive week!

So much stitching and quilting….

Finished Projects

Just keep stitching… just keep stitching…

Current Projects

OTD Bargello SAL

Finished part 3 and moved on to part 4!

Am I keeping up with the scheduled pace of the upcoming SAL? Nope!

Am I doing the best I can with my very apparent ADHD tendencies? Yep!

Want to know more about the upcoming SAL? Click Here to check it out!

State Fair Competition Quilt

Challenge Fabric

I couldn’t stop myself!!

I came up with a pattern that looked fairly complex, stayed reasonably within my realm of experience/capability and got the husband’s stamp of approval! (or at least a “yeah, that looks good”)

Now, before anyone gasps and gets all worked up over me getting his “stamp of approval” – Chill out! I trust his judgement and I value his opinion on things! That’s not a crime! Yeesh…

So I decided on my design, made sure I had all the fabric I needed (or at least… ya know… ballpark guesstimated that it looked ok-ish) and immediately started cutting.

Now… I kinda worked in a mad frenzy all weekend (husband took on the brood so I could focus) so the in-progress pictures are…. pretty much absent.

But here I am now!

I changed up some of the colors (still don’t really like the challenge fabric), but otherwise I’m pleasantly surprised by the resemblance it has to the actual design.

I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

Now I just need to work on final assembly and hope it will be enough to impress those who have more quilting experience than I have life experience…

Only have the most difficult part ahead… having 8 seams meeting in the center… which I’ve never actually attempted before…

*eye twitches*

No pressure!


This project is in temporary hibernation.

Queen-Size Quilt

I did nothing for this this week…..

Creative passions sent me running in a different quilting direction…

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?!


I’m super happy with how this last week went, although I’m uncertain how this coming week will go. Husband is on vacation so who knows what we’ll be up to this week. Maybe stitching, maybe not.

As always… Thanks for reading!

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