Weekly Thread – 5/24/21

Theme of this coming week is… Focus! No more scattered activity! No more shiny new project ideas, no more squirrel, FOCUS!

(Meanwhile, no exaggeration, got distracted and started working on other things five times writing this very short blog post. Houston, we’ve got a problem.)

Hopefully by planning my days out better and prioritizing projects more effectively I’ll get more done instead of staring at the “to do” mountain like a deer in headlights. Course I still have my 4 little wild cards that like to interrupt and derail every project in existence, so I can only do so much on my end, but still!

Finished Projects


Current Projects

OTD Bargello SAL

Part 6 – …..ALMOST Done!

This part will be finished this week and part 7 will be started this week. Even if it’s only a few stitches. It WILL. No distractions!

Want to know more about the current SAL? Click Here to check it out!

Machine Embroidered Products

Tote or wall hanging? Hmmm……

I’m sticking with the tote bags for a little while in spite of coming up with a zillion more product ideas. Looks like my Etsy ads were not prepared for the tote curveball in the middle of cross stitch stuff sooo….. hopefully that’s the only reason there’s been… no interest at all.

Check out my new tote bags HERE!


This project is in temporary hibernation. But I’m taking it back out this week!

Queen-Size Quilt

Hibernating… but not for long!

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?! NO!


So… the goal is to focus this week, get much more done, but considering I got distracted multiple times throughout writing this post the odds are… not good.

(Gets distracted again in the middle of writing the conclusion)

Nevertheless the attempt will be made. I’ve got a bunch of reminders set in my phone calendar, some alarms set up, and a notebook with a schedule/plan in it… AND now… I’m distracting myself with reminders.

We’ll see. I’ve gotta at least try to get some sort of organization thing put in place to keep me on track. Kinda like throwing a whole pot of noodles at the wall and see what sticks.

Hoping for the best!

As always… Thanks for reading!

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