Weekly Thread – 6/21/21

Happy Monday!

This post will be fairly brief today because I have a cantankerous toddler that needs my attention more than this blog does.

Finished Projects

Hahahahaha… Nope.

Current Projects

OTD Bargello SAL

Part 8 – DONE!

Part 9 – Just barely finished color 1 of 5

One of my kids got a hold of this project and completely took apart the hoop and lost my needle, hence the lack of progress. The hoop pieces have all been found and reassembled, but the needle is… still missing. Searched everywhere, ran a magnet over the rug, gingerly ran my hand over every surface of the couch… nothing.

Have another needle, but that’s not going to solve the problem of the missing one. I just hope it doesn’t turn up in someone’s foot.

Want to know more about the current SAL? Click Here to check it out!

Machine Embroidered Products

Going to get some trick or treat bags in my Etsy shop soon and a couple new totes to list.

Check out my Etsy Listings HERE!



Queen-Size Quilt

Trying to take it easy on this and get more cross stitching done.

Upcoming Projects

Because… why not?! NO!


Need to remember to put my sewing projects up.

My apologies to my readers who may find this week’s post disappointing, but my priority is always my kids first. Hopefully next week will go a little easier.

As always… Thanks for reading!

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