HI!!!! *awkward wave*

I’m Dayna, the creator behind Odd Thread Designs! I assume the “about” page is where I can let my personality shine (or more accurately tumble into an awkward heap for y’alls reading amusement) so here we go.

I’m a happily married mother to 4 crazy little broodlings (ages 9, 4, 2, & ~0.5). In my free time I enjoy adventuring and riding motorcycles and (most importantly) sewing all kinds of things to make my house feel more home-y. I love animals and science and interesting patterns which I’m sure will all be reflected in this website.

Why cross stitch “tiles”?

Given that I’ve actually spent much of my time in the realm of fiber arts quilting, and when it crossed my mind to combine cross stitch and quilting to create ‘the ultimate personalized home décor’, I couldn’t find anything that would truly accommodate both worlds in the way I had envisioned. So, in order to create what I had in mind, I invested in a program to make my own patterns and then decided to try to sell these patterns on Etsy. However, over time I realized that in order for others to create a wall hanging quilt like I had imagined, with all unique cross stitch tiles as centerpieces in the blocks, it would be very expensive to my customers (like $58 expensive just for the designs!). Also, in reality, I’d see very little of the money they’d spend on my patterns after Etsy took their share in fees. So, I’ve decided to create my own space where my fellow stitchers and fiber arts enthusiasts can enjoy cross stitch patterns affordably, without a large corporation getting to benefit from it.

While right now I have almost exclusively cross stitch designs posted, I hope to later include quilt blocks, huck embroidery, and many other varieties of crafts for fiber arts and homemaking.

I intend to keep my space profanity and politics-free so if you’re looking for those types of patterns, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

For anyone still reading, thanks for stopping by! I hope you find something inspirational here for your crafting endeavors! (And if not, lemme know! I’m looking for as much feedback as possible, both good and bad, so I can improve this space as much as possible!)


What are cross stitch tiles?
Cross stitch tiles are my vision for a new way of enjoying the art of cross stitch. With exact and consistent dimensions, cross stitch tile patterns can be combined together into a stitched mosaic, or stitched individually and incorporated into quilts. Like “plastic interlocking building blocks” the creative possibilities are endless!

Why should I subscribe?
Your subscription helps support this website and my efforts to make cross stitch more popular. No longer will you have to individually buy all patterns that catch your eye or fret about discovering a new pattern you love, but you’ve already bought so many patterns that your significant other is ready to have a stroke. Here, you can focus on what you love without worrying about breaking the bank!

How much does the subscription cost?
Subscribers currently only pay $8/month for access to an exclusive monthly collection. Subscribe once, and as long as you stay subscribed this price will never change for you!

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