Weekly Thread – 6/21/21

Happy Monday! This post will be fairly brief today because I have a cantankerous toddler that needs my attention more than this blog does. Finished Projects Hahahahaha… Nope. Current Projects OTD Bargello SAL Part 8 – DONE! Part 9 – Just barely finished color 1 of 5 One of my kids got a hold ofContinue reading “Weekly Thread – 6/21/21”

Weekly Thread – 6/7/21

This past week wasn’t quite as productive, between the memorial day holiday followed by driving the hubby to and from work while his car was in the shop all week, but a little bit of project work got done. Finished Projects Nope. Current Projects OTD Bargello SAL Part 7 – ….Mostly done. I’ll probably finishContinue reading “Weekly Thread – 6/7/21”

Weekly Thread – 5/31/21

With today being Memorial Day, this post will be kept SUPER short. Finished Projects Nope. Current Projects OTD Bargello SAL Part 6 – DONE! As I promised myself, I finished part 6 and started part 7! Admittedly, part 7 is turning out to look very pretty so far. Want to know more about the currentContinue reading “Weekly Thread – 5/31/21”

Weekly Thread – 5/24/21

Theme of this coming week is… Focus! No more scattered activity! No more shiny new project ideas, no more squirrel, FOCUS! (Meanwhile, no exaggeration, got distracted and started working on other things five times writing this very short blog post. Houston, we’ve got a problem.) Hopefully by planning my days out better and prioritizing projectsContinue reading “Weekly Thread – 5/24/21”

Weekly Thread – 5/10/21

The star of the show today is technically an upcoming project, since I don’t have any finished products ready to go just yet… Finished Projects Nope… but still happy about finishing my quilt last week. Current Projects OTD Bargello SAL The SAL has officially started!! Yay! But… I was hoping to have finished stitching allContinue reading “Weekly Thread – 5/10/21”

Weekly Thread – 4/19/21

An actually productive week! So much stitching and quilting…. Finished Projects Just keep stitching… just keep stitching… Current Projects OTD Bargello SAL Finished part 3 and moved on to part 4! Am I keeping up with the scheduled pace of the upcoming SAL? Nope! Am I doing the best I can with my very apparentContinue reading “Weekly Thread – 4/19/21”