Weekly Thread – 4/13/21

Another productive week! Actually no… This last week was pretty much wiped out by the covid shot #2. That second one definitely is no joke. But I survived! (So far) Finished Projects Just keep stitching… just keep stitching… Current Projects OTD Free SAL This project is in temporary hibernation. OTD Bargello SAL Part 3… onlyContinue reading “Weekly Thread – 4/13/21”

Weekly Thread – 4/5/21

Another productive week! (Yes, I’m wishing I had picked a bigger piece of Aida, but I had this scrap and figured “it’ll fit!” and ran with it.) Finished Projects Should “parts” count as finishes? I’ve been debating on including “parts” in the finish section, but maybe I’ll still just keep it in “current projects” sinceContinue reading “Weekly Thread – 4/5/21”

Weekly Thread – 3/29/21

The last “thread” of March and I’m super proud of what I got done this week! Finished Projects Technically, nope. Finished “parts” but a whole project? Hahahahaha… Yeah… not yet… Current Projects OTD Free SAL This project is in temporary hibernation. Bargello calls me. OTD Bargello SAL I’ve finished this square (mostly)! I don’t haveContinue reading “Weekly Thread – 3/29/21”

This Week’s Thread – 3/22/21

I’m so easily distracted it seems like every project in the world is grabbing my attention and now I’m fixated on getting into loom weaving. Wouldn’t it be cool to make my own fabric and then embroider it?? (Everyone: “You do not have time for that!”) Needless to say, I have to finish my currentContinue reading “This Week’s Thread – 3/22/21”

This Week’s Thread – 3/16/21

Yes, I’m a day late. (Edit: Or at least I would have been only a day late if I had remembered to hit “post” when I finished writing!) This past week started and ended with a bang… between daylight savings, various urgent medical appointments, and a child that just… Will. Not. Sleep…. Keeping up withContinue reading “This Week’s Thread – 3/16/21”

Why Handmade = Home?

So, in all my time looking for solutions to the lack of “home” feeling I’ve been struggling with over the years, there has almost always been the general recommendation of filling the home/apartment/residence with handmade goods, regardless of whether you make them yourself or not. The handmade recommendation is often buried in a mountain ofContinue reading “Why Handmade = Home?”