This Week’s Thread – 3/22/21

I’m so easily distracted it seems like every project in the world is grabbing my attention and now I’m fixated on getting into loom weaving. Wouldn’t it be cool to make my own fabric and then embroider it?? (Everyone: “You do not have time for that!”) Needless to say, I have to finish my currentContinue reading “This Week’s Thread – 3/22/21”

This Week’s Thread – 3/16/21

Yes, I’m a day late. (Edit: Or at least I would have been only a day late if I had remembered to hit “post” when I finished writing!) This past week started and ended with a bang… between daylight savings, various urgent medical appointments, and a child that just… Will. Not. Sleep…. Keeping up withContinue reading “This Week’s Thread – 3/16/21”

This Week’s Thread – 3/8/21

This has been a tremendously… unproductive week. Between a toddler that is into EVERYTHING and a baby rapidly following in his older brother’s footsteps… I’ve not had a chance to work much on anything really. I started last week with such great ambitions and now… maybe more humble expectations are in order? Finished Projects *CricketsContinue reading “This Week’s Thread – 3/8/21”

This Week’s Thread – 3/1/21

Thought I hit “publish” when I finished this this morning… a little late, but still ok. Finished Projects Fox for #4 I remembered to get fluff! (Yes, I know its technically poly-fil, but fluff is much more fun to say) I hand stitched the body/limbs together, since the sewing machine just doesn’t handle the pre-stuffedContinue reading “This Week’s Thread – 3/1/21”

This Week’s Thread – 2/15/21

Here I’m hoping to stick to a posting schedule each week where I’ll ramble a bit about the current and upcoming projects I’m doing for Odd Thread Designs. Current Projects My current projects are probably too numerous given that I’m trying to limit the number of “active” projects I have to only 1-2 so thatContinue reading “This Week’s Thread – 2/15/21”

6″x6″ Tile Pattern Measurement Adjustments (Reference Post)

Pattern Size Adjustments (These are measurements for the pattern size, NOT the total material area required. For material area, add at least 2” on all sides or 4″ to each measured dimension.) Aida 6: 14”x14” 8: 10.5”x10.5” 11: 7.6”x7.6” 14: 6”x6” 16: 5.2”x5.2” 18: 4.7”x4.7” 20: 8.4″ x 8.4″ (20ct Aida is typically stitched overContinue reading “6″x6″ Tile Pattern Measurement Adjustments (Reference Post)”