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360 Days of Stitching


Have extra floss you don’t know what to do with? Don’t throw it away!! Use it up with this daily stitching challenge!

Get a new UNIQUE geometric cross stitch pattern sent to your email every day for 360 days!

Each pattern is 14×14 stitches and can be stitched on any material you like!

Want a FREE cross stitch tile pattern each month?

You’ll receive a new cross stitch pattern FREE on the first of each month!

Available HERE

Introducing – Cross Stitch Tiles!

Inspired by quilting and mosaics, I am making many of my designs with the intention of them being combined and stitched into mosaics of all different arrangements for whatever project your heart desires! Perfect for incorporating into quilts, these designs will add that extra personalized touch to your quilt or wall hanging.

Explore, create, enjoy, and keep stitching!

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