Independent Stitch Alongs

These are Stitch Alongs that are independent of other stitchers. You can start them anytime and receive patterns in your email Daily, Weekly, or Monthly (depending on the project). Check them out!

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Four Season Mystery Stitch

This mystery cross stitch project is a TRUE MYSTERY! No chart, no assigned colors, just “coordinates” to count your way to a beautiful design!

There are 4 different designs – one new design for each of the four seasons, with new coordinates arriving each week!

Stitch along as the patterns are revealed to you gradually over time. A full year of mystery awaits you! Start in any season! Make the design match the season you’re in with your color choices, or just choose your favorite colors through the whole project!

Patterns Released WEEKLY

360 Days of Stitching

Get a DAILY cross stitch pattern in your e-mail for 360 days straight!!

The biggest and best stash busting project yet!

Extra floss? Leftover floss? A collection of favorite colors with no dedicated purpose? Need an excuse to go get whatever colors catch your eye?

This is the project for you!

Each pattern of this project is 1″ square on 14ct Aida (or 14×14 stitches) and is perfect for using up leftover floss!

Patterns Released DAILY

Mini Stash Buster

25 Daily Emails with a small 14×14 stitch geometric pattern in each one! Use up old floss from previous projects while doing a small cross stitch project every day!

You will need an 11″ square (or larger) piece of 14ct Aida for this project as it was designed, but you can use whatever material you prefer.

Your first pattern will arrive immediately after purchase and a new pattern will arrive every day for the next 24 days!

Patterns Released DAILY

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