Odd Thread Designs Free SAL 2021 – PART FIVE

A Little Ramble…

Part 5!! I was so looking forward to doing this part after part 4 and I was not disappointed! So much fun stitching this part as it was a nice change of pace from part 4 with LOTS of colors to play with.

So… I don’t know what happened to all the pictures I took of the process of this part. There’s a weird gap in my phone of all the parts in-between the last image above and the “finish” picture which has weird color problems in it’s own right… You’d think phone technology would make anyone a great photographer! At least that seems to be how they advertise it but noooooo… I apparently am very good at taking bad pictures.

And then losing half of them. Somehow.

Anyways… after the above I moved onto stitch in the flower stem and the the yellow, beige and the orange around the flower. Then I moved on to the navy before finishing off the details around the red flower on the bottom.

Oh, I should also mention that my stitched version has the erroneous navy/orange zig-zag that I corrected in the pattern for everyone. I’ve been indecisive whether or not I want to frog that patch and redo it.

I look forward to stitching part 6 (the centerpiece!!) with you all!!

See you soon!

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