Odd Thread Designs Free SAL 2021 – PART NINE

A Little (Teeny-Tiny) Ramble…

So… This year continues to be special.

Ended up crashing my motorcycle over the weekend and smashed my foot in the process (but very grateful it wasn’t worse!) so instead of stitching or working on projects I’ve been stuck on the couch with my foot in the air wishing Ibuprofen had a little more power in the painkilling department. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stand the idea of letting you all down and not posting this next part on time, so… Ta-da!!

Also, here is a “rough” pdf guide I’ve put together for adding a signature along the bottom in Morse code.

By “rough” I mean I’ve not had a chance to refine it and make it pretty and make 1000% sure I’ve got the counts right for the stitches, but I’m only going to be able to sit at the computer a few more minutes before my foot explodes SO… it’s what I’ve got at the moment. If needed, I’ll refine it later on.

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