Odd Thread Designs Free SAL 2021 – PART TEN

A Little Ramble…

Happy October Everyone! So excited for the fall season to finally begin!

I will say, one positive to having to recover from ankle surgery is having lots more down time to work on just stitching! I got part 10 done in record time (for me), but at the same time I forgot to take enough pictures. ‘Course, that’s kind of my normal since I tend to just get absorbed into my project and forget almost everything else so… personal flaw? I keep thinking “Oh, I’ll do it better next time!” and then I just do the same thing over again. *facepalm*

Nevertheless, I did get a few pictures of the process!

I started building the “foundation” of this part using the orange color, and used that to build on through the pattern one color at a time.

I then filled in the navy and added the yellow and beige before stitching the leaf/flower stem.

After that, I got a little consumed by the process and filled in the blue. white, purple, red and brown before remembering to take another picture.

After that, I got so lost in the project I immediately started part 11 before taking a picture of the “finished” part 10 so…. In all fairness, it looks very similar (in other words – exactly the same) at the top of the project so it’s not exactly a mystery what the finished version looks like, haha.

As always, happy stitching!!

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