Odd Thread Designs Free SAL 2021 – PART THREE

A Little Ramble…

I tried to be more attentive and systematic for this part, but apparently I’m not super great at that.

I forgot to point out that for each section I always start with the outline/border of the pattern. This gives me a reference for how far across my stitches should go and gives some sense of alignment. Almost like gridding without actually gridding.

Also, with the border I always leave some of the stitches only half completed until the very end. This gives me a reference to make sure all my stitching is starting and finishing in the same direction since I tend to turn my hoop around while I’m stitching and can then lose track of which way the stitches should be going.

So, after the border, I started again with the red; this time aiming to complete all of each color all in one go. I also aimed to take pictures at the end of each color which I managed to do… mostly.

With this “strategy” in place my choices in color were more often decided by what I could most easily fill in with the least effort instead of my usual impulsive “ooh pretty!” tendencies.

Shortcut for Blue Zig-Zag Popcorn Spots

If you’re looking for an easy way to place the white popcorn in the blue zigzag (or whatever colors you’re substituting), check out the image below! I figured out that putting squares at the tips of the orange zigzags perfectly outlined the popcorns – no extra counting required!

And the Finish…

I look forward to stitching part 4 together with you all!!

See you soon!

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