Odd Thread Designs Free SAL 2021 – PART TWELVE

A Little Ramble…

It’s December already and this year is coming to a close…

We’re coming to the end of this SAL and I’m so grateful to all of you for joining along for this project. I’ve learned a lot about hosting SALs and hope to continue into 2022 with new SALs for everyone to enjoy. I’m already working on learning some new programs and such to make sure that all emails will go out on time and soon I plan to revamp my website for the new year.

I hope you all enjoyed this SAL. If you could, please let me know via the link below (or through email) what you thought of this SAL. Your feedback is critical for me to improve on my SALs! The survey is anonymous and there are only a handful of questions.

Announcing November’s Free Kit Winners!!

This month’s kit winners are Marie Madden and Erin Hurt Robins!! Congratulations ladies!! Please e-mail or message me at your earliest convenience so I know where to send your kits!

Thank you all so much for your participation thus far! Stay tuned for the final kit drawing at the end of December! Be sure to share your WIPs (no matter how far along you are) to be entered in the final drawing!

As always, happy stitching!!

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